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On Flickr I found quite a collection of outstanding angel photos, especially cemetery angels. by Desmond Canon (Steiner62).   Click on the link below to see them.


Today I ran across some lovely rubber stamped cards on Kristy’s Musings blog which feature cemetery angel statues. I spent a lot of my childhood time in cemeteries because my family’s business involved making gravestones and owning a cemetery, so I don’t think of them as creepy places at all. They’re just big, peaceful parks to me.

In Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City there is a very famous cemetery angel called the “Black Angel” (see below). There are a lot of urban legends around her, especially because she’s black. The black color just comes from oxidization of the bronze she’s made of. When I was a student at Cornell College 25 years ago and pledging, one of the things we had to do was go have our pictures taken with the Black Angel. Everybody else liked being scared and didn’t think too much of my telling them the truth about it. lol

I wonder if there’s an angel message in that? What if sometimes when you’re scared and you wish there was an angel around to comfort you, you’re only afraid because some part of you enjoys it? Maybe that’s a good time to go into the fear and make the most of it. In fact, angels being lovers of parties and celebrations, would tell you to throw your fear a party. Something to think about.

Black Angel by Miss Beckles

Black Angel photo by “Miss Beckles” can be found on Flickr .