You can record this and play it back to yourself if you want to, but it isn’t necessary. Sometimes just reading something is enough.

Guidelines Before You Begin: If you’re just starting out with angel communication, I’ll remind you to take everything with a dose of common sense. You may feel strong emotions. Bring your focus back to the calm, peaceful feelings outlined below and keep it there as the emotions wash over you. Raphael himself is perfectly centered, but his presence may stimulate your energies in a way that may feel very dramatic to you. If it gets to be too much, back away and go talk to a friend or family member, or do some activity you are accustomed to doing. Don’t go deeper into attunement with Raphael at the risk of your own sense of well-being just because you think it’s good for you or because somebody told you to try it or because you’re getting a nice big thrill. Raphael and his energy can’t harm you, but you can by taking in too much at once. Just like real life. It’s up to you to know when you’ve had enough. It seems that angel’s doors are always open but sometimes they have a hard time getting us back out again until we can adjust to their higher level of being.

Disclaimer: I’m a writer and artist, not a therapist of any kind. I can open people up and inspire them, but I can’t fix or heal them, and I’m really not very good at giving advice. Angels can work miracles, but 99% of the time they do that by putting the right real life people in our path. What follows is merely my attempt at helping you connect with the energy that is Archangel Raphael. Your experience will vary.


Imagine that you are in a beautiful meadow filled with green plants of many kinds. The sky is clear sapphire blue with fluffy white clouds floating by. The air temperature is exactly how you like it. The sun is high overhead, but not too strong so as to be uncomfortable.

Take a few moments to soak in the sensations of being in this perfect meadow of your own design.

After a while (anywhere from a few seconds to a few minutes) you sense a presence just to the right and behind you. This does not alarm you in the least. It’s a feeling you’ve never felt before. Even if you’ve met Archangel Raphael before, every time you meet him it’s a new sensation.

You feel an expansion and warming sensation in your chest which is very pleasant, such as when you look at someone you love, only even more so.

Turning to look over your right shoulder, you see a glimmering golden-green light which is egg-shaped and about the same size you are. This light washes over you in peaceful waves, and you unconsciously take a deep breath of release. Automatically your lips form a smile. You can’t help but feel happy, and it feels like you’re completely happy, maybe for the first time ever.

You feel drawn towards this peaceful, shimmering, green-gold light that moves like northern lights. You move to stand right in the middle of it, closing your eyes and drinking in the calming sensations as the light swirls around you.

“I am here,” a voice says, though you’re not quite sure if you heard it inside or outside of your head. It’s as though it is in both places at once. “Do not worry.”

You open your eyes, still smiling, and there is a figure in front of you. Who, or what, is this figure? How does it look? This is how Raphael appears to you. If you don’t see anything, that’s perfectly fine. He may come to you in other forms than visual. You may remember some music, or a favorite food, or a favorite place, something like that.

You may stay with Raphael as long as you like. Talk to him as you would a trusted friend. Ask him questions. Remember to use your common sense, just as you would with a real person. The angels are here to help you find the Divine, but they don’t know everything about you.

You may not feel you really have anything to say, but I’d encourage you to at least talk about the weather, just as you would meeting a new person at work, so you can start to open the lines of communication. After that, you may politely take your leave.

To “leave”, just imagine the scene slowly fading away. Pay attention to what’s happens with your vision as you stop reading and prepare to move on to something else. Watch the world expand out from the tunnel vision you’ve created from reading to include the room around you. You might want to stand up and stretch, go get something to eat and drink.

You may repeat this as much as you like, but not more than once a day.