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Sylvia Browne’s new book, Psychic, is an engaging autobiography. It tells stories of her life starting from birth to the present. It is fascinating and a quick, entertaining read.  She talks about her experiences with angels, spirit guides, ghosts, and being a psychic medium, as well as an insider’s view of her life.  Continue reading to see what I have to say about it but I encourage you to read the book for yourself and come to your own conclusions. This is just my interpretation.

I was not surprised to learn that she has been around people who abused her. Many of the prominent psychics and healers of her generation were, such as Louise Hay. When you’re around people who are not nurturing and are frightening instead, it’s a natural thing to start forging connections with the Other Side. Some people end up stuck halfway through the journey of transformation with schizophrenia or other mental disorders. Others somehow manage to push through to the Other Side and become psychics and healers.

As a psychic medium myself I find some discrepencies between my experiences and Sylvia’s. And I’m the type of person who is hypersensitive to incongruencies. So while the book is great as a book to read, I dont know that it accurately represents the whole psychic experience. There has always been something about Sylvia’s and my energy that is not compatible.

My personal sense of her, and this is through my own filters, is that a lot of what she experiences is ego based. In my creative world nothing is absolute, and yet in Sylvia’s world the Other Side is exactly 3 feet away from us. I think a lot of how she perceives things is filtered through her experiences of being abused and out of control and also going to Catholic school. She seems to need to have things in black and white. And she never once says this is her interpretation, she just says this is how it is, period. That really bothers me. It is no surprise that she has started her own religion.

She also says, repeatedly, that psychics can’t read for themselves. That’s simply incorrect. I think there is a whole new generation of psychics who can. I’m one of them.

The other thing that I think may have been true when people were first tuning into angels and writing about them in the 1990s, but isn’t any more, is that angels don’t have free will of their own. I think that’s the way people sensed them because that’s as attuned to the angels as they could be. It’s my sense that the angels have been working very hard with our subconscious minds to raise our levels of awareness so that we can see them for more than just robotic messengers and helpers. Sylvia’s interpretation of the angels is the more robotic, hierarchical one. She says that the different hierarchies of angels have specific wing colors. Maybe. But again, to me that’s limiting things. And that’s not MY sense of them.

Sylvia was a ground breaker in her day. She absolutely paved the way for all of the rest of us to get closer to mainstream. From looking at YouTube videos it looks like she has made some grave mistakes such as giving misinformation on national TV as the absolute truth, and yet she is still hugely popular. I respect her for her ability to turn her gifts into a business empire.

I understand that people at certain places in their spiritual evolution need a lot of rules and absolutes. But then they should be given permission to move beyond them. I’m all about people having direct experiences of their own and knowing that what they experience is right, even if it’s different. I am my Quaker great-great-great grandfather’s granddaughter, in that respect.

Here’s the thing about the Other Side…well, EVERYTHING. The universe is in a constant state of creation. You can’t tell me that the angels and spirits guides and everything else aren’t in on the creative process and evolving themselves. I am, first and foremost, a creative person, tapped into the creative flow all the time. And I will tell you, it doesn’t stay static. The problem is that people, depending on their level of openness, “download” information from the Other Side at a much slower speed than the one it – the Other Side – is at. By the time our human minds process the information received things have already changed. But people get enthralled with their own perceptions and want to keep things exactly as they are.

And there are a millions of abused people in the world who are desperately trying to have some control over things and want things to stay the same. The violations suffered cause the abused to be much more open to the Other Side because of shredded boundaries. Put those two together and you have someone who receives a comforting piece of information they may not even fully understand and then they hold onto it like a security blanket forever.

I feel inspired to give Sylvia a message from the angels through me. “There is a shield of anger in your energy field that needs to be addressed and removed. It has been protecting you for a long time, Sylvia, but it also preventing you from evolving and seeing your guides clearly. The process to use will be presented to you but you won’t like it. In the end it will be a simple thing, relatively painless. And you will wonder why you waited so long.”

And my guides tell me to offer Sylvia some healing sessions. Ha ha…I bet she gets a lot of offers like that from unknown, financially struggling healers such as myself. But I am doing the leading edge work now, opening new doors of perception. I hope I never stop expecting things to be different tomorrow, in ANY dimension, than they are today. And, as always, I know that when I offer healing it means that there is some common issue that I share with the healee that will be healed as well. In this case, Sylvia and I both have the angry shield.

May the angels, masters, deities, spirit guides, fairies, elementals, and helpful humans come to us both and show us the way to transform it. And I’m certain that this applies to whoever is reading this, as well.


Last week I led my Intuitive Arts group on CoachCreativeSpace in an artistic exercise designed to open the lines of communication between the artist and their angels. Doing that ended up in my making this piece of art. I knew when I finished it that it was a direct message from the Angel of Winter, who I had never known about before. I also know that it’s the first of a set of angel oracle cards, which I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. Call on the Angel of Winter when the short, dark days are getting you down. “Winter is the time to find the sun in your heart,” says the angel.

Winter Angel

Winter Angel card

Winter Angel
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Created in Photoshop using Obsidian Dawn brushes: Snow & Flakes, Aurora Borealis and Arcane Circles

All you have to do is intend to receive the attunement and you will. I’ve been saying this for months now to the people who accepted my invitation for archangel attunements by e-mailing me. I’ve said elsewhere that I don’t really do anything, that it is the angels and other parts of your consciousness who do the attunements. It has seemed helpful for people to have someone to ask for it to be done, however, so I have taken the e-mails.

Now the time has come for you to accept that you can be attuned to the angels just be wanting to be. From there you can learn to communicate and form relationships with the angels in many different ways. Yes, the attunement is still a part of the process, but it isn’t necessarily an instantaneous experience. In fact, it’s better if it isn’t. The attunement is just a strengthening, an upgrading, of a connection that is already in place. If you are reading this, it has already been done.

I have recently started re-reading a book I’ve had in my library since the early 1990’s. I was amazed at what an influence it had on me. Here I’ve been talking about angel attunements and self-attunements and there is an entire chapter on just that in this book. It’s available for very little on Amazon (as low as a penny US plus S&H for used copies). Click on the link below to see more.

Commune With the Angels: A Heavenly Handbook

by Jayne Howard Feldman

I think it is a very valuable book even though it has been around since early on in the recent era of interest in angels. There is a guided meditation included in each chapter. While Doreen Virtue strikes me as kind of the “Rachel Ray” of angel communication, Jayne Feldman is the “Julia Child”. Below is the table of contents which demonstrates how practical the book is.

Believe in the Angels
Learn About the Angels
Meditate With the Angels
Pray with the Angels
Share With the Angels
Healing with the Angels
Honor the Angelic Presence in All Life
Attune to the Angels
Expect Angelic Blessings
Be an Angel

I was doing a Reiki session yesterday and this came to me from the “angel channel”.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time ruminating and worrying about the future.  My mind is usually out there scouting the path ahead.  The message from the angels was that I could visualize angels and angelic energy as little pink hearts spreading out from me into my future, and that it would make life easier.  I don’t even have to see all the details of the future but rather focus on the angels being there already, smoothing the way ahead of me.  I’m excited to see what practicing this will do.  If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

I have a feeling that others who work with angels have written about this before me, so my apologies to them for the angelic plagiarism.  That’s the downside of being as intuitive as I am.  I get information from the source but there is no way to prove it.

I did this drawing last week for my Squidoo lens about Archangel Raphael. I let my intuition do its thing, which means I never know how things will turn out. I think my drawing is somewhere in between full channeling and my ego wanting things to turn out the way I see the image in my mind. Sometimes the end result is a little strange. However, as many other creative people have said before me, sometimes the “art” you create is really intended for somebody besides you.


It is colored pencil on Bristol board and an “ACEO”, which means it’s 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size.

You can see more of my art on my heArt-a-Day blog.

This afternoon I found a great “Angelic Clearing Healing and Blessings” guided meditation, free to download. It was recorded during a workshop given by Kevin Core. I had the sense of actually being in the group while listening to it. Although I don’t see the angels in exactly the same way as outlined in the meditation, I still think it’s a powerful thirty minute visualization nonetheless, and with no cost to boot.

Here is the link to it: Angelic Clearing, Healing and Blessings.

I had a strong sense that if more people did this meditation it would actually raise the vibration of the planet as a whole. It is also an attunement. Good stuff.

One of the ways to communicate with angels is to draw them. This is not the kind of art where you carefully plan out what you are doing ahead of time. Instead, you start out with a doodle and see where it leads you. It’s a lot like watching clouds in the sky and seeing what faces or animals you see. It’s also a lot like being a very small child who just picks up whatever crayon he or she likes the best and plays with it to see what happens. Often I find that if I go ahead and use the color I think is exactly wrong it turns out to be exactly right, adding a richness to the drawing I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Instead of talking about it, let me show you. I didn’t realize it at the time I created this, but it seems that the “video” is helping people attune themselves to angels as well.

As if often the case, I try to take a stand about a belief I have in public and almost immediately it starts to unravel. I find a bit of information online, or am drawn to books in the library, or accidentally see something on TV that says, hey, wait a minute, that wasn’t right after all.

I started this blog with the intention of presenting angels as separate beings and now, with clarity I don’t often have, I understand that they are somehow a part of being human.

A few years ago when I first started to feel the presences of angels and deities from cultures I knew nothing about it was mindblowing. That was something that happened to other people, probably mentally unstable people. So my ego was both ashamed and delighted that overnight I had developed this new talent that I’d previously only read about.

Not only did I physically feel these other beings, I started to know things about the people and world around me on an intuitive level. I’d become a psychic like the authors of the books I couldn’t get enough of! Wow!

Problem is, I have a hard time in believing in anything for very long. Give me a day and I’m on to something else. For years I’ve been dancing back and forth over the line between believing that angels, spirit guides, etc. are really separate entites “out there” and that they’re still somehow part of being human.

Yesterday it hit me from my inner knowing that yes, angels are a part of being human, a “subpersonality” even. But it’s hard for our conscious mind to comprehend that, especially when it discovers that we can do things like read other people’s minds or have superhuman strength in an emergency. Somewhere along the line a thick wall was constructed and passed along for generations that makes such talents taboo. A wall so well defended that millions have been persecuted over the centuries for trying to breach it. (Case in point – How would feel if you knew your neighbor was a practicing witch?)

I see the same thing in art. People tell me all the time they aren’t artists because we’ve all been taught that only a certain kind of art counts, and if you can’t do that, you can’t do art. I’ve been struggling with this belief myself, as those who are close to me will tell you. But I know in my heart that “art” is really about expression and not competition.

I suspect there may be a purely physical, biological reason that our mind compartmentalizes itself in such a way that angel “energy” feels “outside”. Maybe an “angel” is part of the hippocampus and our ego resides in that tangle of nerve ganglia that can be found in our gut, recently declared to be a primitive brain. In that case we’d be used to acting and consciously thinking from our gut most of the time, and using a whole different part of the body to think from would be sensed as alien. -shrugs-

I don’t have any idea about such things really and I’m completely guessing about the hippocampus because it popped up in my mind (gut?) first, but I dare you to search the web for a connection. I’ll bet there is one. Let me know what you find.

Whether or not an angel is a supernatural holy being or a hidden part of being human, it seems to me that consciously working with angels can bring someone to a higher level of existence. It’s as though each person has a whole universe inside of them and there’s no way they can access it all at one time. Supposedly our subconscious takes in every single thing we’ve ever experienced and stores it in some kind of huge, infinite “hard drive”. How many things can you remember at once consciously? Not that many, right?

If there was a way to access this memory system, ask it a question about anything, the answer would seem amazing and magical. That’s what creativity and art are about. Accessing the hidden parts of our mind. Angels are one way to organize what types of answers you get from this vast resource. And yes, truly magical things happen at times, especially concerning connections between people and places.

I know I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been studying all of this for decades and just now getting the point. More musings to follow…

The angel in me greets the angel in you.

All art is intuitive to some degree. At the opposite end of the spectrum it can be purely technical. Most artists sit somewhere in the middle. I am about 80/20 in favor of intuition. Which means I let my hands and eyes do the drawing without much interference from my analytical mind.

I started doing art this way because one night after taking a salsa dance class with a good friend, who is also an artist, I was too revved up to go straight home. I suggested we try drawing each other as an experiment since we were always complaining about not doing enough art. I’d not considered myself to be a portrait artist at all as I tended to be able to draw a human face, but not the face I was looking at. I’d decided I was a failure as far as portraiture was concerned although all I’d ever wanted to do was draw people.

For a couple of years before this night I had been experimenting with automatic drawing as part of opening my intuition. (How I came to that is another story for another time.) As I was attempting to draw from a more logical perspective I found that my hand wanted to keep drawing over my friend’s face, shifting and shifting on the paper, as though she was 4 or 5 people, finally ending with a face with tribal tiger stripe tattoos. It occurred to me that perhaps the reason I hadn’t been able to draw people as they were physically was because my intuition had always been strong and therefore it was my intuitive “eye” that did the drawing all along.

I decided to explore this some more, which led to a series of 20-25 drawings. You can find more about that here as well as see some examples of my work and links to the websites of other intuitive artists. It was, and is, my intention to “tune in” to people and draw their spirit guides and guardian angels.

Sometimes showing is better than telling. I’ve started a series of YouTube videos showing my drawings as they emerge from my graphic pen. Here is one of them:

(“Brunnhilda Q” is me, too. More about that here.)

That’s just a little background in what my “brand” of intuitive art is.

An Angel Home

Honestly, I’m not sure I believe in angels. But apparently they believe in me.

Hi! -holds out hand for a friendly handshake-

I’m Gretchen and I’m both an intuitive and an artist, among other creative endeavors. I have a B.A. in Art and spent years trying to be perfect. I also spent years trying to figure out the meaning of life. What I’ve ended up with is some whimsical colorful art that doesn’t begin to approach my goal of photorealism and the ability to communicate with angels, the Dearly Departed, and just about any spirit you can think of. I really don’t know why I can do this.

I would love to present myself like Sylvia Brown or Doreen Virtue or John Edward or Esther Hicks because I can pretty much do what they all do. Problem is, I’m not perfect, and they seem to be.

So, instead, I’m just Gretchen the intuitive artist, and I have some angels and ascended masters and other high vibration types who want to do the best they can – given that they have ordinary me to work with – to make people happy through art, writing, music and their own form of Reiki (which they assure me is okay for me to present to other people even though I’m not a master energy worker). And I have a feeling that all of that is just the tip of the iceberg.

This blog is my little corner of the universe where you will be able to find art, intuitive readings, “videos”, writings on everyday angel communication, and who knows what other kinds of goodies and info all designed to raise your spirits – literally. But more about that later. I’m overwhelmed by what I see unfolding in front of me, why should you be any different?

Please come back to visit often. If I could, I’d pour you a cup of coffee and hand you a homemade cookie.

Hoping you find happiness today,