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I found some beautiful guided audio meditations online that, while not specifically about angels, include them. They are for celebrating peace, especially on New Year’s Eve and Day. I think they’re wonderful for anytime, though. Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer created them.

Here’s the link: Celebration of Peace Meditations


All you have to do is intend to receive the attunement and you will. I’ve been saying this for months now to the people who accepted my invitation for archangel attunements by e-mailing me. I’ve said elsewhere that I don’t really do anything, that it is the angels and other parts of your consciousness who do the attunements. It has seemed helpful for people to have someone to ask for it to be done, however, so I have taken the e-mails.

Now the time has come for you to accept that you can be attuned to the angels just be wanting to be. From there you can learn to communicate and form relationships with the angels in many different ways. Yes, the attunement is still a part of the process, but it isn’t necessarily an instantaneous experience. In fact, it’s better if it isn’t. The attunement is just a strengthening, an upgrading, of a connection that is already in place. If you are reading this, it has already been done.

I have recently started re-reading a book I’ve had in my library since the early 1990’s. I was amazed at what an influence it had on me. Here I’ve been talking about angel attunements and self-attunements and there is an entire chapter on just that in this book. It’s available for very little on Amazon (as low as a penny US plus S&H for used copies). Click on the link below to see more.

Commune With the Angels: A Heavenly Handbook

by Jayne Howard Feldman

I think it is a very valuable book even though it has been around since early on in the recent era of interest in angels. There is a guided meditation included in each chapter. While Doreen Virtue strikes me as kind of the “Rachel Ray” of angel communication, Jayne Feldman is the “Julia Child”. Below is the table of contents which demonstrates how practical the book is.

Believe in the Angels
Learn About the Angels
Meditate With the Angels
Pray with the Angels
Share With the Angels
Healing with the Angels
Honor the Angelic Presence in All Life
Attune to the Angels
Expect Angelic Blessings
Be an Angel

This afternoon I found a great “Angelic Clearing Healing and Blessings” guided meditation, free to download. It was recorded during a workshop given by Kevin Core. I had the sense of actually being in the group while listening to it. Although I don’t see the angels in exactly the same way as outlined in the meditation, I still think it’s a powerful thirty minute visualization nonetheless, and with no cost to boot.

Here is the link to it: Angelic Clearing, Healing and Blessings.

I had a strong sense that if more people did this meditation it would actually raise the vibration of the planet as a whole. It is also an attunement. Good stuff.

With the help of Archangel Raphael I have just crafted a guided visualization for you to read and enjoy as a way to help you align your energy with his. If you have requested a free attunement from me you can read it as a way to intuitively “download”the attunement.

Do you need to ask me for an attunement at all, then? Not really. But sometimes it helps to have somebody else to pass the message along, and I know how.

Below is the link to click on for the page with the visualization.

Guided Visualization