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Yesterday I was doodling with nothing particular in mind except that I wanted to draw a person or spirit guide or angel.    Fledermouse Flooster came into focus with the idea to put the phrases explaining what he does in the background.  He feels like an angel to me, even though he doesn’t have the traditional wings.  He does have feathers in his cap, however.  

I don’t think angels all look like the Renaissance masters paintings.  I think they look human because they are matching their vibration to ours.  So whoever or whatever’s energy they are connecting with effects how they look.  Also, whatever filters our sensing mechanism already has in place affects how we sense them.  They use the path of least resistance.  

Also, angels are generally lighthearted.  So it doesn’t surprise me that “Fledermouse” reminds me more of a puppet show character than a powerful Being.  ” It is easier to connect with something silly than something holy sometimes”, he says.  

Am I really channeling an angel?  Sure!  But then I think anybody doing art, music, words, etc. has the potential to unknowingly tap into the angelic stream of consciousness.  


A digitally enhanced moleskine doodle

This is a doodle of mine that I did in my moleskine journal a couple weeks ago. After creating a lens about Doodle Art I thought I’d better walk my talk. After I scanned it I was messing around with gradient maps in Photoshop and really liked the way this turned out. The blueprint look has always been a favorite of mine.

No doubt this is someone’s guardian angel. I get the feeling she’s wearing some sort of angel business suit and is a kind of architect, either in terms of building or life.

Ink Angel in Colour by Amanda Woodward

Copyright Amanda Woodward
All Rights Reserved

I found Amanda while browsing through Flickr. She is an illustrator based in Edmonton, Alberta. Her style resonated with me. I asked her why she was drawn to angels (pun intended) and her reply was: “Angels make me think about being able to fly and I like that feeling so I draw them from time to time :)” Check out the illustrations gallery on her website for more.

I came across the incredible fantasy watercolors of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Check out her entire angel art gallery. I had a tough time deciding which one to show here (following her guidelines for borrowing her images). Finally I settled on this one of Archangel Uriel for the colors and detail. It’s very powerful and even a little unsettling, I think, but in sacred texts of the world angels are often seen as fearsome. Personally, I think it’s just that their energy is sometimes so overwhelming when they first attune to you that it can be terrifying. (Been there, done that.)

UPDATE 7/5/08:  I was browsing through the art section of my local Barnes & Noble the other day and found an amazing how-to-draw-fairies-and-angels book.  It was by none other than Stephanie Pui-Mun Law!  Check it out: Dreamscapes

Archangel Uriel by Stephanie Piu-Mun Law

“Uriel, The Archangel of God”
©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

I found this artist on Zazzle. Besides angels she has stunning mandala images. See also her website at Artwork for the Soul – New World Creations.

A very common belief about angels is that they comfort us in our time of need.  In fact, for most of my life I thought that was all angels were for.  Somewhere along the line I picked up the idea of angels of mercy and that was all I knew.

Below is a link to an artist who found my heArt-a-Day blog and mentioned it on her site.  She works in digital art, both 2-D and 3-D.  I found the most amazing piece of angel art there.  It looks like a photograph.  But it isn’t.  I have Poser, the 3-D software she used, and I can’t get it to do anything.  She has obviously mastered it.

Her name is Dani Foster Herring and her image is called “In My Sorrow”.  It is a powerful depiction of an angel as comforter.

“In My Sorrow” 

On Flickr I found quite a collection of outstanding angel photos, especially cemetery angels. by Desmond Canon (Steiner62).   Click on the link below to see them.

Mary Hillier, also known as Sunladyart, is an artist from Louisiana who does vibrant paintings of flowers, animals (especially greyhounds), still life’s, etc. I just discovered she paints angels as well, and I was already a fan. 🙂 Check out the angel art collection on her website. They are really wonderful!

Sunladyart’s Angel Collection

Angel Art by Sunlady

I just created this collage in Photoshop with clipart from Jack and Cat Curio’s blog, as well as photoshop brushes from Obsidian Dawn (Snow & Snowflakes) and BSilvia at Graphics-Illustrations (Grunge Stars, Magic Circles, Grunge Snowflakes, and Beads).


Christmas Angel Collage

Today I ran across some lovely rubber stamped cards on Kristy’s Musings blog which feature cemetery angel statues. I spent a lot of my childhood time in cemeteries because my family’s business involved making gravestones and owning a cemetery, so I don’t think of them as creepy places at all. They’re just big, peaceful parks to me.

In Oakland Cemetery in Iowa City there is a very famous cemetery angel called the “Black Angel” (see below). There are a lot of urban legends around her, especially because she’s black. The black color just comes from oxidization of the bronze she’s made of. When I was a student at Cornell College 25 years ago and pledging, one of the things we had to do was go have our pictures taken with the Black Angel. Everybody else liked being scared and didn’t think too much of my telling them the truth about it. lol

I wonder if there’s an angel message in that? What if sometimes when you’re scared and you wish there was an angel around to comfort you, you’re only afraid because some part of you enjoys it? Maybe that’s a good time to go into the fear and make the most of it. In fact, angels being lovers of parties and celebrations, would tell you to throw your fear a party. Something to think about.

Black Angel by Miss Beckles

Black Angel photo by “Miss Beckles” can be found on Flickr .