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I came across the incredible fantasy watercolors of Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Check out her entire angel art gallery. I had a tough time deciding which one to show here (following her guidelines for borrowing her images). Finally I settled on this one of Archangel Uriel for the colors and detail. It’s very powerful and even a little unsettling, I think, but in sacred texts of the world angels are often seen as fearsome. Personally, I think it’s just that their energy is sometimes so overwhelming when they first attune to you that it can be terrifying. (Been there, done that.)

UPDATE 7/5/08:  I was browsing through the art section of my local Barnes & Noble the other day and found an amazing how-to-draw-fairies-and-angels book.  It was by none other than Stephanie Pui-Mun Law!  Check it out: Dreamscapes

Archangel Uriel by Stephanie Piu-Mun Law

“Uriel, The Archangel of God”
©Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

On Flickr I found quite a collection of outstanding angel photos, especially cemetery angels. by Desmond Canon (Steiner62).   Click on the link below to see them.

I found some beautiful guided audio meditations online that, while not specifically about angels, include them. They are for celebrating peace, especially on New Year’s Eve and Day. I think they’re wonderful for anytime, though. Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer created them.

Here’s the link: Celebration of Peace Meditations

All you have to do is intend to receive the attunement and you will. I’ve been saying this for months now to the people who accepted my invitation for archangel attunements by e-mailing me. I’ve said elsewhere that I don’t really do anything, that it is the angels and other parts of your consciousness who do the attunements. It has seemed helpful for people to have someone to ask for it to be done, however, so I have taken the e-mails.

Now the time has come for you to accept that you can be attuned to the angels just be wanting to be. From there you can learn to communicate and form relationships with the angels in many different ways. Yes, the attunement is still a part of the process, but it isn’t necessarily an instantaneous experience. In fact, it’s better if it isn’t. The attunement is just a strengthening, an upgrading, of a connection that is already in place. If you are reading this, it has already been done.

I have recently started re-reading a book I’ve had in my library since the early 1990’s. I was amazed at what an influence it had on me. Here I’ve been talking about angel attunements and self-attunements and there is an entire chapter on just that in this book. It’s available for very little on Amazon (as low as a penny US plus S&H for used copies). Click on the link below to see more.

Commune With the Angels: A Heavenly Handbook

by Jayne Howard Feldman

I think it is a very valuable book even though it has been around since early on in the recent era of interest in angels. There is a guided meditation included in each chapter. While Doreen Virtue strikes me as kind of the “Rachel Ray” of angel communication, Jayne Feldman is the “Julia Child”. Below is the table of contents which demonstrates how practical the book is.

Believe in the Angels
Learn About the Angels
Meditate With the Angels
Pray with the Angels
Share With the Angels
Healing with the Angels
Honor the Angelic Presence in All Life
Attune to the Angels
Expect Angelic Blessings
Be an Angel

I am currently running a contest for angel artists on Votigo that ends August 18, 1997. The winners are selected by viewer votes. There is a lot of interest in archangel images from what I can tell from search terms being used to come to this page. I’ll give the top 5 winners exposure on this and my other angel-related web pages and blog. If you can list the art on eBay, ArtbyUs, or Cafepress that’s best, but I’ll highlight the winners in any case. Please click on the link below to go to the contest.

“Calling All Angels Contest”

Want to know what Archangel Michael is like, and how you can tell when he’s hanging around? Think of a concert you’ve been to where your blood gets pumping and you feel invicible afterwards. That could be anything from Led Zeppelin to Handel’s Messiah. If you’re a woman, you’ll want to marry him, or at least be his groupie. If you’re a man, you’ll want to be him and go out and conquer the world.

Archangel Michael is the chief warrior of the archangels. He loves to get rid of negativity. He’s the original ghost buster. He is connected to the parts of you that have to do with the basics needs of life. He knows how to get the flow going energetically in the 1st chakra, which is the energy center of those needs. And when he does it can be kind of … inspiring. If he’s around you are likely to have a hot flash no matter whether you’re a man or woman.

Michael can work in any area of your life to remove negativity because it all starts down in that 1st chakra and builds from there. He gets it at the root. How that plays out for you is often a lot more complicated. If you spend more time focusing on what’s going on in your head than your physical reality, it’s going to take a while for the effects of Michael’s clearing to get into your mental processes.

The colors blue and deep blue-violet are often associated with Michael and I can verify that intuitively. The easiest way to connect with Michael and also do a quick negativity clearing (which includes feelings of anxiety and depression) is to imagine yourself surrounded by a vibrant blue-violet flame that is as big as you are.

The more often you do this exercise, the more attuned to him you will become. Like learning how to drive a car or read, soon you will make the connection without having to do it consciously. He’ll just be there. That’s how it is for me. I know that some of what I’ve written here has come from Michael himself, although I don’t experience it as “channeling” per se. I can switch my inner vision and have a sense of him right here with me, however, and listen to him in my mind as though it is a regular conversation.

Someone asked me today how Michael can be in communication with so many people at once. Angels aren’t human. They are not restricted by the same boundaries of time and space. Angels are pure energy, like the sun. The sun shines on and effects everything on earth. The same with angels.

Although there will be some similarities overall that tells you that you’re connected to Michael, the energy comes through our own unique filters. That’s why my version of Michael is different than anyone else’s, but with some shared characteristics. This is a way in which working with angels is just like human interaction. You and I could go to a party and talk to the same person but, because of our different personalities, we could come away from the conversation with an entirely different view of the same person. Some things about the person might be stand out and be instantly recognizable to everybody, but even what we notice about them physically is likely to be different.

Elementally Michael is both fire and earth to me. He is grounding and action-oriented, cuts to the chase, “gets ‘er done” while being incredibly fiery, passionate and sensual at the same time. When I first sensed him I sensed the Celtic Goddess Brigid at the same time. She, too, is fire and earth. In fact, I sensed them as a couple which blew my mind. A year later I was reading Doreen Virtue’s book, Archangels and Ascended Masters and she, too, experiences them as a team.

For more about Archangel Michael, see my squidoo lens about him.

I felt inspired to create a new yahoo group today for the purpose of having a group share of archangel reiki energy. It’s my own variation of reiki, but I am attuned to Usui Reiki Level II and a Kundalini Reiki Master.

This is a group open to anyone interested in opening their channels of communication with the archangels and who would like to join in a daily energy sharing circle. It is my intent that you will be able to join with the group energetically whenever it is convenient for you and we will all benefit. You don’t have to send archangel energy daily to the group, but you will certainly receive it daily.

You do not have to be attuned to Reiki to be in the group. I will attune each person who joins the group to my own variation of Reiki which comes through the archangels.

I’d like to keep posting to the group confined to positive-toned messages, mainly about your experiences with the group’s energy and the archangel energy. It’s very easy for a group like this to turn into a giant whine and sympathy fest. None of us has time for that because frankly, the archangels have bigger plans for us!

If you want to do a brief check-in each day and let us know where you’re at that’s great, but no petitions for reiki or energy for any specific purposes. You’re getting help from the archangels just by being in the group and that’s enough.  You are getting what you need the most right now.

Click on the button below to join the group:

Click here to join archangelreiki
Click to join archangelreiki

I randomly found this oil painting of an angel on another WordPress blog. I think it is very powerful.  Click the link below to have a look.

Angel by Max

I’ve been trying to figure out depression and anxiety for most of my life. I think I may have finally identified a key piece in releasing some of both states of mind.

(UPDATE: This post is not a call for help on my part. This is about angels and depression, not angels and “professional help” and depression.  Don’t bother  spamming the blog disguised as a comment with links to your cure for depression.  I’ll delete it.)

I believe that it is the constant tape of critical and judgmental thoughts about ones self running all day in the background of the mind that does more harm than anything, even biochemistry. Then, after a certain point, a person can’t take anymore from themselves and they start criticizing and judging everything and everyone around them because they are overflowing with negativity about themselves. Then everyone and everything around them starts to mirror the irritation and anger back, and life really does become hell. It’s a vicious cycle.

Problem is, most of this is going on so automatically that you may not hear it at all, or you may just accept it as the way it is. Lately I keep running into the theory that depression (and the anxiety that often comes with it) is best handled with a combination of talk therapy and pharmaceuticals. The problem with talk therapy is that it’s usually just for an hour or two a week and you still have that negative tape running in your head all the time you’re awake. Sometimes the drugs take care of the “tape”, sometimes they don’t.

Saying affirmations, listening to subliminal recordings, doing self-hypnosis can help, but sometimes your negative self-talk is so deeply ingrained it prevents you from trying them in the first place. It’s the Eeyore syndrome on steroids.

This is where the angels come in. They can be asked to reprogram your subconscious and unconscious minds from a negative outlook to a positive one. It’s likely they will lead you to outside help as well. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to make an appointment with a doctor or a therapist, or order some affirmation recordings. In the meantime, believe that they can help you where you can’t help yourself. Every time you start to feel sad or anxious, ask the angels to come in and help you. You may still feel bad for a while, or you may feel relief right away. Hang in there and believe that they are helping you.

Some people would say that you should envision feeling great right away and you will – like that! *snaps fingers* Well, I know how this depression thing works and I’m sorry, but it just doesn’t happen like that all the time. Not until you have had a chance to build up your self-esteem muscle. So, ask the angels to help. Imagine them throwing you a lifeline and you’ve been in the deep, cold, water for such a long time that it’s perfectly okay if it takes you a little while to recover. If you are deep enough into negative self-talk you’ll likely beat yourself up about not feeling great right away. Give yourself a break while the angels do what they do.

Another reason for doing this this way is that the part of you that makes constant judgments tends to think it’s god. You could hand over your depression to God, but for many, many of us God is indelibly imprinted in our minds as an incredibly harsh and judgmental being. To get out of this cycle it’s better to get away from any mental connections to judgmental emotions and into unconditional love. Angels NEVER pass judgment on people. EVER. They are completely focused on their specific purposes to help people (and the earth and everything in it).

If you want specific angels to ask for help from, I recommend Archangels Raphael, Metatron, and Michael. Raphael is a healer and is also a gatekeeper, opening the way for other angels. He can attune himself to anybody very easily. He really pours on the unconditional love, too. Metatron is a master of communication and you need to relearn how to communicate with yourself. Michael is for protection and is the chief negativity buster. And just really cool.

BTW…am I a health care professional or certified counselor? No. Am I qualified to give medical advice? No. I DO know about angels and depression from years of personal experience. If you are currently taking medication or getting counseling or other health care for depression or anxiety, stay with it. Let the angels use the help you are getting now to help them get you beyond this cycle.

I was doing a Reiki session yesterday and this came to me from the “angel channel”.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time ruminating and worrying about the future.  My mind is usually out there scouting the path ahead.  The message from the angels was that I could visualize angels and angelic energy as little pink hearts spreading out from me into my future, and that it would make life easier.  I don’t even have to see all the details of the future but rather focus on the angels being there already, smoothing the way ahead of me.  I’m excited to see what practicing this will do.  If you try it, let me know how it turns out.

I have a feeling that others who work with angels have written about this before me, so my apologies to them for the angelic plagiarism.  That’s the downside of being as intuitive as I am.  I get information from the source but there is no way to prove it.