Yesterday I was doodling with nothing particular in mind except that I wanted to draw a person or spirit guide or angel.    Fledermouse Flooster came into focus with the idea to put the phrases explaining what he does in the background.  He feels like an angel to me, even though he doesn’t have the traditional wings.  He does have feathers in his cap, however.  

I don’t think angels all look like the Renaissance masters paintings.  I think they look human because they are matching their vibration to ours.  So whoever or whatever’s energy they are connecting with effects how they look.  Also, whatever filters our sensing mechanism already has in place affects how we sense them.  They use the path of least resistance.  

Also, angels are generally lighthearted.  So it doesn’t surprise me that “Fledermouse” reminds me more of a puppet show character than a powerful Being.  ” It is easier to connect with something silly than something holy sometimes”, he says.  

Am I really channeling an angel?  Sure!  But then I think anybody doing art, music, words, etc. has the potential to unknowingly tap into the angelic stream of consciousness.