I had an epiphany last night about the power of faith.

After visiting the Angel Oracle page at the Morningstar site, I clicked on a virtual card and received the “Angel of Faith” card. As it turns out, I was in the middle of spiraling down to a complete loss of faith. But as I read what the card meant, everything shifted inside me.

I’ve been struggling with anxiety and always seeing the worst possible outcome happening to me for a while now. Intellectually I had faith, but it wasn’t in my heart. That all changed last night. I understood at a soul level how I can have faith despite appearances because, most of the time, the appearance is through the filter of my own fear.

The affirmation suggestion at the end of the oracle was the thing that anchored it all home. I have fear come up any number of times during the day, and especially when I’m going to sleep. Now I can think of the affirmation, or even just call on the Angel of Faith and wait a moment. Then I feel a deep inner sense of trust that the Angel of Faith will take care of it, and she does.

I made this piece of digital art for my heArt-a-Day blog a couple months ago.

heArt #56 Santa Fe: Holy Faith

When I create I don’t think ahead. I just let my hands do the work and eventually something will emerge. I have no idea why I thought Santa Fe that day, besides that the color scheme I intuitively ended up with made me think of the southwest US. I felt led to track down what Santa Fe actually meant in English. I was surprised at what I found.

I believe art can work on you at deep levels – that it has the power to heal. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if this piece of art was the beginning of last night’s realization.