I have a squidoo “lens” about communicating with angels, and own several books on the same topic. It came to me this evening, in what I guess I’ll call a “muse moment”, that the easiest way to make a connection with the angels is a simple two step process that goes like this:

1. Ask to connect. For example, say you want to know that Archangel Michael is around you. All you do is say something like “Michael, I want to talk to you” or “Michael, show me you’re here”.

2. Expect things to start showing up in your life that make you think of Michael (or whichever angel) , sometimes in odd places. You’ll probably hear the name more than you’re used to. Perhaps it will be the name of the author of a book that has an answer to a question you have. Perhaps you will repeatedly see swords (a common Michael symbol) in the world around you as you go about your day. Perhaps you will see things that you privately associate with Michael.

That’s all there is to it. Once you do that, and feel confident you have a solid “link”, you can ask for guidance on specific things. The only hard part is waiting. It’s not the same as Googling Michael (although that might be what brought you to this blog entry), but I’d say within 48 hours you should have at least one sign that he’s paying attention. Or any other angel you want to talk to, including your own guardian angel.

It’s just like when you learn about something for the first time and then suddenly you seem to be hearing about it everywhere. Could be that your mind starts filtering through all the stimuli around you to find references about what you’ve just learned. Or it could be that the angels wanted you to know about this thing and are bringing the references into your range of attention. Or both. By using this technique you’re using that same mechanism to help the angels communicate with you.

Ah…already I can hear some of you saying, “but how do I know it’s really an angel”? You will feel unconditional love and happiness. If there’s something specific you need, then ask for the angels to give you the inspiration or courage – or whatever you need – to do it yourself. I wouldn’t worry about “evil spirits” interfering, but it’s really easy to trick yourself with your own mind. If it feels good and is beneficial to all concerned, then whether it’s really angels or some hidden part of your Self at work doesn’t really matter. Communicate with the angels for inspiration and support – and the occasional miracle.

Try it. Let me know how it goes.