As if often the case, I try to take a stand about a belief I have in public and almost immediately it starts to unravel. I find a bit of information online, or am drawn to books in the library, or accidentally see something on TV that says, hey, wait a minute, that wasn’t right after all.

I started this blog with the intention of presenting angels as separate beings and now, with clarity I don’t often have, I understand that they are somehow a part of being human.

A few years ago when I first started to feel the presences of angels and deities from cultures I knew nothing about it was mindblowing. That was something that happened to other people, probably mentally unstable people. So my ego was both ashamed and delighted that overnight I had developed this new talent that I’d previously only read about.

Not only did I physically feel these other beings, I started to know things about the people and world around me on an intuitive level. I’d become a psychic like the authors of the books I couldn’t get enough of! Wow!

Problem is, I have a hard time in believing in anything for very long. Give me a day and I’m on to something else. For years I’ve been dancing back and forth over the line between believing that angels, spirit guides, etc. are really separate entites “out there” and that they’re still somehow part of being human.

Yesterday it hit me from my inner knowing that yes, angels are a part of being human, a “subpersonality” even. But it’s hard for our conscious mind to comprehend that, especially when it discovers that we can do things like read other people’s minds or have superhuman strength in an emergency. Somewhere along the line a thick wall was constructed and passed along for generations that makes such talents taboo. A wall so well defended that millions have been persecuted over the centuries for trying to breach it. (Case in point – How would feel if you knew your neighbor was a practicing witch?)

I see the same thing in art. People tell me all the time they aren’t artists because we’ve all been taught that only a certain kind of art counts, and if you can’t do that, you can’t do art. I’ve been struggling with this belief myself, as those who are close to me will tell you. But I know in my heart that “art” is really about expression and not competition.

I suspect there may be a purely physical, biological reason that our mind compartmentalizes itself in such a way that angel “energy” feels “outside”. Maybe an “angel” is part of the hippocampus and our ego resides in that tangle of nerve ganglia that can be found in our gut, recently declared to be a primitive brain. In that case we’d be used to acting and consciously thinking from our gut most of the time, and using a whole different part of the body to think from would be sensed as alien. -shrugs-

I don’t have any idea about such things really and I’m completely guessing about the hippocampus because it popped up in my mind (gut?) first, but I dare you to search the web for a connection. I’ll bet there is one. Let me know what you find.

Whether or not an angel is a supernatural holy being or a hidden part of being human, it seems to me that consciously working with angels can bring someone to a higher level of existence. It’s as though each person has a whole universe inside of them and there’s no way they can access it all at one time. Supposedly our subconscious takes in every single thing we’ve ever experienced and stores it in some kind of huge, infinite “hard drive”. How many things can you remember at once consciously? Not that many, right?

If there was a way to access this memory system, ask it a question about anything, the answer would seem amazing and magical. That’s what creativity and art are about. Accessing the hidden parts of our mind. Angels are one way to organize what types of answers you get from this vast resource. And yes, truly magical things happen at times, especially concerning connections between people and places.

I know I’ve just hit the tip of the iceberg. I’ve been studying all of this for decades and just now getting the point. More musings to follow…

The angel in me greets the angel in you.