All art is intuitive to some degree. At the opposite end of the spectrum it can be purely technical. Most artists sit somewhere in the middle. I am about 80/20 in favor of intuition. Which means I let my hands and eyes do the drawing without much interference from my analytical mind.

I started doing art this way because one night after taking a salsa dance class with a good friend, who is also an artist, I was too revved up to go straight home. I suggested we try drawing each other as an experiment since we were always complaining about not doing enough art. I’d not considered myself to be a portrait artist at all as I tended to be able to draw a human face, but not the face I was looking at. I’d decided I was a failure as far as portraiture was concerned although all I’d ever wanted to do was draw people.

For a couple of years before this night I had been experimenting with automatic drawing as part of opening my intuition. (How I came to that is another story for another time.) As I was attempting to draw from a more logical perspective I found that my hand wanted to keep drawing over my friend’s face, shifting and shifting on the paper, as though she was 4 or 5 people, finally ending with a face with tribal tiger stripe tattoos. It occurred to me that perhaps the reason I hadn’t been able to draw people as they were physically was because my intuition had always been strong and therefore it was my intuitive “eye” that did the drawing all along.

I decided to explore this some more, which led to a series of 20-25 drawings. You can find more about that here as well as see some examples of my work and links to the websites of other intuitive artists. It was, and is, my intention to “tune in” to people and draw their spirit guides and guardian angels.

Sometimes showing is better than telling. I’ve started a series of YouTube videos showing my drawings as they emerge from my graphic pen. Here is one of them:

(“Brunnhilda Q” is me, too. More about that here.)

That’s just a little background in what my “brand” of intuitive art is.